About Me

Hello, my name is Yuko.  I am originally from Japan, grew up mostly in Los Angeles from age 11.
I was born with a SPIRITUAL GIFT that comes through the highest Clairvoyant, Psychic and Spiritual guidance. I began recognizing my gift at 8 years old in one summer on July 29th. At a very early age I started to feel energy from others and see visions that I did not quite understand. I must admit it was a bit scary. As I got older I began to realize that this is a gift, not only for myself, but to help others as well.
I speak to and receive messages from your angels and spirit guides. I see 4 colors, light blue, white, grey and black.

I probably will not tell you what you want to hear sometimes but I will tell you what I see in great detail. When you prepare to communicate with me, please ground yourself and take a deep breath and enjoy our connection.



私はあなたのエンジェルとスピリットガイドに話しかけメッセージを受け取ります。私の頭の中にはいつもライトブルー、ホワイト、グレー、ブラックの4色の色が見えています。 あなたが聞きたいと思っているお答えはおそらくお伝えできない時も多いと思います。でも私が感じるものをそのまま正直に詳しくお伝えします。30年以上の経験がございます。安心してご連絡ください。さあ、用意はよろしいですか?どうぞ深呼吸をしリラックスをしてください。私達のコネクションを楽しみましょう。
About Me